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In a series of nightly letters written over the Muslim holy month of Ramadan (the 'Nights of the Moon'), Leila reflects on her time on Irwin Island: the long hours, the isolation and loneliness, and the arrival of the charismatic, if distant and troubled, Edin. As her account unfolds, it reveals the deeply complex web of relationships on the island - and the surprising role Edin plays in them. Against a background of storms, looming violence and growing mental instability, Leila's letters show how, despite her introversion and social awkwardness, she is drawn into the world of her co-workers in a way that will change their lives forever. Nights of the Moon is a romantic drama set in a tiny dystopian community that serves as a microcosm for modern Western society. Download your Kindle  here . Free from 28 August to 1 September 2016. "A compelling tale about the oftentimes scary intricacies of human behaviour... Guaranteed to keep you reading all night." -

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